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What is Capsuling.Me?

Capsuling.Me is a mobile app that offers relevant site-specific media to smartphone and tablet users depending on their location. Capsuling.Me, allows to leave a video or sound recording in a specific location and decide when it can be opened (what we call “Capsule”). Other people passing by this location can enjoy an experience created especially for this place and time.

The world is your stage

Talented film makers, artists, journalists and passionate activists create capsules for the general public (what we call “Public capsules”). On top of that, Capsuling.Me allows anyone the possibility to create and share content with their close circles (what we call “Private capsules”).

How does it work?

Using your GPS location, the Capsuling.Me app will recognize where you are and offer you only content that is specifically created for you at this place and time.

“There is a time and place for everything”

Watching a video on your Smartphone or tablet becomes much more relevant and meaningful when you do it at the right place and at the right time. Besides enjoying great media you also discover your city from the experiences of people you love or artists you admire. No more watching your friends showing off on Facebook with pictures from their holiday in Thailand while you’re burning out at work.

What is our Vision?

We have a dream that one-day walls could talk: Places will hold online-media-memories to inspire and enrich people who visit them. Find the right location and the right moment for exciting stories, videos or music. Our aim is to create a platform for meaningful content, rather than another tool to flood you with information...

What are our Values?

Think of us as the Greenpeace of Digital Media! We promote a culture of thoughtful sharing, which tries to reduce the data pollution we create in our common online sphere. In other aspects of our lives we became much more conscious of our environment. Why don't we do it with our web-life as well? With today’s social networks you glorify yourself in the present, with Capsuling.Me you use your past to inspire others in the future.

What do you get as a user?

  1. Additional online content attached to an offline cultural event. For instance, you go to a film festival and get exciting behind the scenes video, an online program or a video of an interview you missed.
  2. Waiting times, like sitting at a bus or your dentist's waiting room can become interesting by consuming appropriate media to where you are.

Three examples for this could be:

  • Art fans: Imagine you bought a ticket to the theater and you are waiting for the show to begin. You can watch a capsule of an exclusive backstage tour created by the director especially for this show.
  • Tourists: You stand next to a house in Berlin and watch a short interview with a guest worker describing his experiences in this house in its days as a wohnheim.
  • Curious locals: This time you are at the Brandenburg gate and see a video of a demonstration happened there just a week ago that was broken down by the police.

What is the value for our content creators?

By creating capsules on locations, Content creators gain more exposure and have the ability to target specific audience groups. It also allows them to publish their work in an easy, direct and intuitive way, receiving funds directly from the people who benefit from their work, their audience and local businesses.

Who is Involved?

Our Team brings together a mix of art, media, technology and business professionals. We combine Israeli entrepreneur Chuzpa with Berlin creative talent. Our community of content creators includes leading figures in the performing arts such as Shermin Langhoff and Falk Richter, prominent musicians like Daniel Kahn and DJ Ipek and internationally acclaimed filmmakers Ayse Polat, Burhan Qurbani and Miraz Bezar. As well as activists, influential bloggers and independent journalists.

Capsuling.Me Team from right to left: Daniel Paz, Michael Ronen, Lucas Gotter, Shani Leiderman, Thomas Gnahm

Our current stage

We are currently developing the first App version, which we expect to release during the Berlinale Film Festival (Feb 2013). We are contacting key players in the media industry to establish strategic partnerships. We have recruited many content creators in Berlin who are already placing their media on our platform. We choose Berlin to be our first capsulated city for its unique combination of super vibrant art and startup scenes.

What are we raising money for?

The money we are raising will be used for completing the development of our app. In addition, we will be expanding our platform by building new communities in cultural centers in Europe such as London, Paris, Tel Aviv and Madrid.

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Hi, any updates on the schedule? Will there be a public launch in 2014? Thanks!


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Dear Aleksandras,

Please contact me at the following email address regarding your question:



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Wie kann ich beim finanzieren mich beteiligen?